2. MEALS


About our meals

The highlight of your stay is
a full-course seasonal island dinner by the owner-chef.

The most important aspect of our island life is mealtime.
We have found that the enrichment of daily food significantly increases the happiness of our lives.

The owner-chef, who has gained experience in Japan and abroad, chose this Oki island as the place to move to with many stories to tell.
Not to mention devising menus centred on the island’s seasonal produce, He is also involved in the spatial design of the entire inn, as well as its own vegetable garden, making it a facility where guests can enjoy the ‘inn made by a chef’ aspect of the inn.


About the foodstuffs

One of the reasons why the island’s richness is most evident is its foodstuffs.
In the neighbourhoods of Shinyashiki, there are fields all around. Each household grows vegetables as a matter of course, and they receive seasonal vegetables. Seafood is also extremely abundant, and in our daily life we often receive fish we have caught to share with others.

In order to give you a taste of our special daily life, we are very particular about using seasonal produce in our meals at Shinyashiki. In the garden, we have finally started our own vegetable garden. We are still inexperienced beginners, but we are working on it every day so that one day we can bring it to your mouth.

About spatial design

The space, created by the owner-chef himself, is designed from a perspective that focuses on the enjoyment of the meal.
Enjoy your dinner face to face with the chef at the kitchen counter in the dirt floor space, custom-made to order from a single piece of Kumari wood. The live cooking experience will provide an opportunity to learn about the island, its ingredients and wine pairings.
Alternatively, larger groups or guests wishing to enjoy more private time can dine at a round table in the living room.

From the Chef

Owner and chef Taniguchi has a somewhat unusual background. After learning the basics of cooking as a student, he opened a coffee stand in his home town of Izushi, Hyogo Prefecture. Later, when he travelled to Australia to deepen his knowledge of the world of coffee, he was impressed by the food of different regions of the world. After returning to Japan, he studied sommelier and cooking under a Michelin chef, and at the age of 28 opened his own restaurant, TERME, in Kinosaki Onsen to great acclaim.


If you can spare the time, please also experience our breakfast as an additional plan.
We carefully preserve ingredients from the garden of our sister inn, Tsukudaya, and prepare a menu that is sure to be a perfect complement to the delicious rice of the Oki Islands.
Freshly prepared breakfast sets will be brought to the entrance of the inn at the time requested.
Service hours: 7am – 9am.



Others. We can also cater for allergies and vegetarian/vegan diets. Please inform us at the time of booking if you require this service.