2. PLANS

Staycation plans

Recommended: 2-night stay with meal plan

To enjoy the new villa to the full, we encourage you to stay for two nights or more. The first night is a full-course Italian dinner prepared by our chef, The second night is a seafood shabu-shabu set for your private enjoyment.

Rates (for 2 persons/per person for 2 nights, tax included)
(1)Dinner and breakfast (2 nights with 4 meals): JPY75,000 (37,500 per night)
(2)Dinner only (2 nights with 2 meals): From JPY70,000 (35,000 per night)
(3)From the 3rd night onwards, additional night with no meal per person JPY20,000~.

Weekly stay plan

This plan allows you to stay for a week (minimum of 6 nights) and have meals on the days of your choice. On days without meals, you can cook your own meals in the kitchen or eat out.

Rates (for 2 persons/night per person, including tax)
(1) per night from JPY20,000
(2)Additional breakfast: JPY2,500 per person per meal
(3) Additional dinner: From JPY 10,000 per person per meal.
Please consult with us about the content of dinner on site.

One night stay with dinner plan

1his plan includes a full-course Italian dinner for a one-night stay only.

Rates (for 2 persons/night per person, including tax)
(1) With dinner and breakfast: from JPY44,000
(2) Dinner only: from JPY42,000

Wine pairing plan

During the Italian course dinner, the sommelier-chef will propose a wine pairing to match the dish.

Rates *Please use with a minimum of 2 persons.
(1) per person from JPY12,000