2. AREA


We took over not only a traditional 150-year-old house, but also a large area of land measuring approximately 3,000 m2. We consider our guests to enjoy this area as part of their stay at Shinyashiki. The garden is made of stone masonry, which is a craftsman’s traditional island garden, a vegetable garden area, a bamboo grove and a fire pit where you can enjoy a bonfire. We invite you to take a walk around if you like.


The main focus of their own vegetable garden is soil preparation. We work hard to cultivate a small field by making use of the power of nature by clearing in plenty of humus stored in the mountains behind the house and using homemade compost made from rice bran and bamboo forest fungus. Please come and see the vegetables on the table at Shinyashiki.


The Oki Islands, which in ancient times had exchange with the continental side of the world, have magnificent stone walls piled using a method that is rare in Japan. In order to preserve this precious culture, we invited a stone mason to recreate the island’s traditional stone walls. We ourselves have learnt their techniques and continue to pile stones by hand throughout the site.


You are welcome to enjoy your own bonfire at any time using the fire pit set up in the garden. A fire in this truly tranquil location, surrounded by nature, will be an exceptional time.


We built a small chicken coop out of driftwood and masonry collected from the sea. We plan to get the eggs and hatch them in spring … we may soon be able to show you the cute little chickens.