2. ROOMS



A traditional Japanese old house on a remote island has been turned into an aubejour.

When thinking about the design of the inn, my focus was on comfort as a residence.

I yearned for the gap between an old house in an inconvenient area and recreating the lifestyle I longed for and tried to elaborate my thoughts.

A single piece of kumari wood is placed on the counter of the earthen kitchen.

Next to the stove we took a sofa and a large window.

The living room overlooks the garden and is furnished with carefully selected furniture and solid wood flooring made from island wood.

Bedrooms and bathrooms with backyard views and a view of the greenery.

Comfortable bedding, a working space, a big screen TV and projector for internet TV, and of course Wi-Fi.


Area : 35.6 square metres
Equipment: 3-seat sofa / Low table / Dining table / 6 dining chairs
Amenities: Coffee machine, tea, glasses, opener, yoga mats.
EXTRA : Wine cellar (bottles can be enjoyed for a fee).


Size : 10.9 square metres
Facilities: Tatami floor / Working space / Portable projector / Bluetooth speaker / Books 
Futon bedding available for up to 3 or 4 guests.


Size : 12.8 square metres
Equipment : Semi-double beds (2) / Side tables / LCD TV (internet TV only)

Dirt floor

EQUIPMENT : Mini-kitchen / Counter table / Fridge / Plates, glasses and cutlery
   EXTRA : Pellet stove *operates only in winter


Facilities : Washer/dryer / Powder room 
Amenities : Hairdryer / Towels / Toothbrush / Razor / Hairbrush / Cotton & cotton swab Please note that room clothes are not provided.